Rob and Nick Carter

curated by Gavin Turk

3 March – 29 May 2017
Museum van Loon, Amsterdam
Museum Van Loon, Keizersgracht 672, 1017 ET Amsterdam
This spring, Museum Van Loon invites the British artist Gavin Turk (b 1967) to curate the exhibition Turkish Tulips. Turk presents a transhistorical dialogue between contemporary art and the history of the Amsterdam Van Loon family.

The Van Loon family already traded with the Ottoman Empire (currently Turkey) in the sixteenth century. These early trade routes inspired Gavin Turk to examine the trading route of the tulip from Turkey to the Netherlands. Turkish Tulips explores current topics such as globalisation, human genetic engineering, the immigration and integration of migrants to the Netherlands. The classic flower symbolises the fragile, colourful and explorative trade routes. Gavin Turk will present a new, site-specific work.

The Liber Amicorum from 1597 is a masterpiece in the collection of Museum Van Loon. The ‘friendship book’ was owned by Hans van Loon and his wife Anna Ruychaver. Many of their friends, family and business relations have written their motto and heraldic coat of arms in the book. Inspired by this object, Gavin Turk has invited a group of fellow international artists to show work – with the tulip as main subject - alongside Turks’s new work. Works by artists including Sir Peter Blake, Fiona Banner, Damien Hirst and Philippa van Loon will be on show in the historic rooms of Museum Van Loon.

The House of Fairy Tales will bring a unique approach to the exhibition that is adult centered but child friendly. The adventure trail is suitable for children from International Schools and expats living in the Netherlands. The trail will guide visitors on a tour exploring the tulip trade, contemporary art and the Van Loon family.