Rob and Nick Carter

12 March – 1 June 2019
RN at 5A, London
5A Bathurst Street, London W2 2SD

This exhibition is a collection of light paintings created by Rob and Nick Carter over the last two decades. It will include signature pieces by the artists created by shining light onto light-sensitive paper.

“Colour is the fundamental aspect, employing form to maximise its impact and vibrancy. What gives the work its freshness and something unexpected is perhaps its experimental nature. The entire process is conducted in complete darkness where the image is gradually built up by added increments of light; working in darkness, the element of surprise is in a sense expected. There are no indications as to what they will have until later, when the work is processed. Some of the effects achieved by default have now been adopted much in the same way as Bacon became specific about his accidental processes, refined and honed over the years.”


The main gallery will house a colour-changing installation, creating an immersive experience for the viewer. As the light that illuminates them sweeps through the colour spectrum, the artworks respond, optically mutating, shifting, shrinking and expanding before your eyes. The gentle pulse creates mesmeric colour transformations and impressions of physical movement, of the artworks almost living and breathing.