Rob and Nick Carter

Rob and Nick Carter - Alphabet Prints, 2020 · © Copyright 2020

Type in the box below to design your commission, which can include the letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, and some punctuation symbols. If you type something for which no print exists, no preview image will show.

There are three versions of each character which you can select by clicking on the preview images.


Each Alphabet Print costs £250+VAT (10in high) or £1000+VAT (24in high), with a 10% discount if you commission ten or more prints at one time.

All prints are Diasec mounted.
Width of prints vary according to the differing proportions of individual letters/characters.

When you are happy with your design click here to send us your requirements. We’ll get in touch as quickly as possible to discuss the commission with you.

Alphabet Prints were created in lockdown, using materials and equipment already at hand. From these constraints an entirely new means of making images emerged.

Raw neon tubes of various colours were drawn by hand across a large flat-bed scanner, resulting in intense, finely striated spectra, often including surprising bursts of unrelated colours as the neon frequencies and the irregularities of the artists’ movements interacted unpredictably with the smooth mechanical motion of the scanner.

The prints themselves deploy these images as the facets of three-dimensional letters, in the classic Gill font derived from hand-carved stone lettering. Formally they have the graphic punch of Pop Art as well as the disconcerting optical buzz of Op Art.